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Anthony Maue

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Geophysics & Planetary Science at Boston University, I pushed onward to the PhD program in Geology at UT Knoxville. As I am primarily interested in icy bodies, the first chapter of my dissertation is forming around the topic of fluvial channels on Saturn’s frigid moon, Titan. Since it is the only planetary body beyond Earth where we can study ongoing river systems (albeit under very different conditions), Titan exists as a unique laboratory for testing our understanding of geomorphological processes. In particular, I study the transport and weathering of icy cobbles down the length of fluvial channels observed on Titan. As on Earth, grain size would be expected to change downstream—something which I am studying primarily through analysis of radar images provided by NASA’s recently completed Cassini-Huygens mission. An experimental study is being performed in parallel by our collaborator at Colgate University, Joseph Levy, which will attempt to recreate the weathering we see on Titan in a lab here on Earth. I am also interested in other icy worlds such as Jupiter’s mystifying moon, Europa—soon to be the focus of a high-profile NASA mission.

Check out my profile on ResearchGate.

View a summary of some recent work: Maue_GSA_2018.

Channel mapped in Cassini radar swath from flyby T-121.


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