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Group Members



Devon Burr (Associate Professor)

Research Interests:  Planetary geomorphology






Current Graduate Students:


Keenan Golder (PhD Student)

Research Interests: Flood lava emplacement, magma source, and lava flow modeling on Mars, Earth, and Mercury




Anthony Maue (PhD Student)

Research Interests: Fluvial activity on Titan, sedimentological processes, spatial analysis








Past Students:


Samantha Peel, PhD (2020) – Email

“Geomorphic Investigations of Crater-Interior Features on Mars”

Cole Nypaver, MS (2019) – Email, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, LinkedIn

“Deriving lifetimes of lunar ejecta constituents: A model for lunar erosion and regolith overturns” 

Currently: Pursuing a PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences at University of Tennessee 

Rose Borden, MS (2018) – Email, Web pageTwitter

“Mapping and Analysis of Wrinkle Ridges in the Aeolis Dorsa Region, Mars: Implications for Stress Fields and Geologic Substrates”

Currently: Pursuing an MS in Information Science at University of Tennessee

Ariana Boyd, MS (2018) – EmailWeb pageLinkedIn

“Sand Deposit Mapping and Aeolian Morphologies as Clues for Identifying Origins of Dark Sand in Aeolis Dorsa, Mars”

Currently: Law student at Vanderbilt University (class of 2021)

Emily Nield, MS (2018) – Email, Web pageLinkedIn

“A Wind Tunnel Study of the Effect of Density Ratio on Saltation Threshold”

Currently: Pursuing an MBA at the Schulich School of Business at York University

Richard Cartwright, PhD (2017) – Email, NASA page, SETI page

“Surface Modification of Icy Satellites: Space Weathering of the Large Moons of Uranus and Alluvial Fan Formation on Saturn’s Moon Titan”

Currently: Research Scientist at NASA Ames / The SETI Institute

Robert Jacobsen, PhD (2016) – Email, Web page, Google Scholar

“Geomorphology, Stratigraphy, and Paleohydrology of the Aeolis Dorsa region, Mars, with Insights from Modern and Ancient Terrestrial Analogs”

Currently: Post-doctoral Research Associate, Lecturer, and Outreach Coordinator for the Tennessee Space Grant Consortium

Chloe Beddingfield, PhD (2015) – Email, NASA page

“Investigations into the Tectonics of Uranian and Saturnian Icy Satellites”

Currently: Research Scientist at NASA Ames / The SETI Institute

Ashley Dameron, MS (2015) – Email, LinkedIn

“Europan Double Ridge Morphology as a Test for Hypothesized Models of Formation”

Currently: Environmental Specialist II at Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources

Matthew Chojnacki, PhD (2013) – Email, LPL page, LinkedIn

“Martian Dune Fields: Aeolian Activity, Morphology, Sediment Pathways, and Provenance”

Currently: Associate Staff Scientist at Lunar & Planetary Laboratory, U. of Arizona

Sarah Drummond, MS (2012) – Email, LinkedIn

“Structural Control of Fluvial Network Morphology on Titan”

Currently: Adjunct Faculty at Pellissippi State Community College

Andrea Hughes, MS (2012) – LinkedIn

“An Evaluation of the History of Aqueous Activity on Mars through a Survey of Select Hypothesized Martian Deltas and Paleolakes via the Analysis of Mineralogy, Morphology, and Thermophysical Properties”

Currently: PhD student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University