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Cole Nypaver

Cole NypaverI am a master of science candidate here at the University of Tennessee Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences working with Devon Burr and Bradley Thomson. My research here as a planetary geologist varies to include volcanic processes, impact crater mechanics, and geomorphologic features on Venus, Earth, and the Moon. Currently, my specific research interests include origins and morphologies of volcanic edifices on Venus, as well as impact crater chronology on the surface of the moon. My recent publications include a 1:5,000,000 scale reconnaissance map of the V-49 Mahuea Tholus quadrangle on Venus, as well as an in-depth analysis of shield field characteristics and origins on the surface of Venus. Near-future research will focus on diffusion rates of lunar impact craters based on radar signatures and topographic data.


Conference Abstracts


  • Fassett, C., King, I.R., Nypaver, C., Thomson, B.J., 2018, Temporal Evolution of S-band Circular Polarization Ratio of Kilometer-scale Craters on the Lunar Maria. Journal of Geophysical Research. Submitted.
  • Nypaver, C., Lang, N.P., and Thomson, B.J., 2018, Geologic mapping, morphometric characterization, and statistical analyses of six Venusian shield fields: Insights into the processes related to their formation, in Poland, M., Garcia, M., Camp, V., and Grunder, A., eds., Field Volcanology: A Tribute to the Distinguished Career of Don Swanson: Geological Society of America Special Paper 538, p. 1–24,