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Planetary Geologic Mappers Annual Meeting 2018

UT EPS participants, including BRIGHT members: Cole Nypaver, Rose Borden, Samantha Peel, Robert Jacobsen, Tony Maue, Keenan Golder, and Devon Burr.

This week, the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences hosted the Planetary Geologic Mappers Annual Meeting. Scientists from across the nation arrived in Knoxville to present their recent mapping efforts, including maps being developed for publication by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). To learn more and read abstracts of the presented work, visit theĀ 2018 PGM website.


A few of the BRIGHT presenters:

(Top left) Samantha Peel at her poster on mapping of martian craters, (top right) BRIGHTers examine Tony Maue’s poster on mapping of Titan’s fluvial features, (bottom) Robert Jacobsen explains the detailed mapping work of BRIGHT members in the Aeolis Dorsa region of Mars.